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Kugelblitz Tornado

Action games

Kugelblitz Tornado


available from September

Who can beat the black 8 and the other players? In the action-packed marble game “Kugelblitz Tornado”, the players must wait for the right moment to reach the finish before the large black marble. Each player sits in front of  one of the four arms and receives a coloured marble, which is held in place with a button. One of the players then takes the black marble and throws it into the red tornado. The marble may spin in circles or drop quickly through the funnel – it depends on how you throw it! Wait for the right moment before the black marble reaches the bottom of the funnel, and then release your coloured marble! Your marble must reach the finish before the black marble, but not too early, otherwise you will not receive any points. If your marble reaches the finish after the black marble, you will receive minus points. The first player to collect 10 points wins the game. The action-packed marble game “Kugelblitz Tornado” is designed for 2-4 players aged 6 and above.

Tricky Cube

Travel and bring-along games

Tricky Cube


soon available again

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