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A mosaic of fun, a sense of achievement and relaxation: puzzles offer kids of different ages a great way to keep busy. Discover the Noris range of children's puzzles and find out more about our puzzle world by clicking here.


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6 first Puzzles - Vehicles


6 first Puzzles - Vehicles



This colourful vehicle-themed set is the perfect introduction to the world of jigsaw puzzles. Made from extra large pieces designed for young children, each puzzle depicts a vehicle from everyday life, including a fire engine, refuse vehicle and an excavator. The puzzles are also designed to train fine motor and perceptual skills as well as your child’s ability to recognise colours and shapes. Introduce your child to the world of jigsaw puzzles and watch as they learn how to assemble the vehicles! Designed for children aged 3 and above, this puzzle set is ideal for use at home or at kindergarten, and helps your child to train their fine motor and cognitive skills.

6 first Puzzles – Farm Animals


6 first Puzzles – Farm Animals



This colourful farm-themed set is the perfect introduction to the world of jigsaw puzzles. Made from large pieces designed for young children, each puzzle is easy to assemble and features an image of a farm animal. The lovingly designed images and child-friendly pieces are perfect for training hand-eye coordination as well as colour and shape recognition. Immerse your child in a farm-themed adventure and watch their excitement as they learn how to arrange the pieces! Designed for children aged 3 and above, this set is ideal for solo or group play and is guaranteed to stimulate your child’s curiosity!

Big-sized jigsaw puzzle On a farm


Big-sized jigsaw puzzle On a farm



Plenty fun with big-sized jigsaw puzzle

big-sized jigsaw puzzle police patrol


big-sized jigsaw puzzle police patrol



XXL Puzzle Dinosaur


XXL Puzzle Dinosaur



Fun with XXL jigsaw puzzle, puzzle for children

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Puzzles: Can you find the right pieces?

When you're fully concentrated, forgetting the world around you for a while and eagerly following how many individual pieces come together to form one big whole, then your puzzle fun is in full swing! At Noris you'll find a considerable selection of high-quality puzzles for all ages – let's go!

What is the significance of puzzles for the educational development of children?

Jigsaw puzzles are a meaningful activity for adults and children. Little puzzle fans in particular benefit from the special games, as follows:


Since puzzles that match the child's developmental stage can be easily put together on their own, they promote independence. Your child learns to cope with tasks independently – an important skill, especially regarding school.


Doing a puzzle is an extremely relaxing activity. Your child can fully engage in searching and finding the right pieces and find peace in the process.

A change from the digital world

How about offering your child a puzzle as a change from digital media? Many kids are only too happy to leave their consoles, PCs, and the like behind for a while if they can occupy themselves with a captivating puzzle.

Promotion of cognition

When doing puzzles, logical thinking is just as influential as the ability to combine. In this way, your child is also supported on a cognitive level.

Promoting concentration

And of course it doesn't work without concentration. Your child must remain attentive and use their powers of concentration to create a complete picture, part by part.

From what age are puzzles suitable?

Jigsaw puzzles are available for children of different ages. Toddlers from the age of two enjoy simple puzzles with few large pieces that cannot be swallowed. With such products, they can familiarise themselves with the principle of puzzles in an age-appropriate way.

Children's puzzles for preschoolers may contain a few more pieces, but they should still not be too small. Sturdy materials and clearly recognisable connections between the individual components are important.

Kids of primary school age can cope with more challenging puzzles that contain a considerable number of pieces. They can play with these for longer periods of time, improving their attention span.

What should you look for when buying children's puzzles?

The following table informs you about the most important buying criteria for children's puzzles:

Puzzle type

Think about whether a conventional puzzle, a multiple puzzle or a 3D puzzle is more suitable for your child.

Number of parts

How many pieces the puzzle may have depends on the developmental stage and age of your child.


The same applies to the duration of the puzzle. However, the puzzle can be interrupted without any problems and continued later when concentration wanes.


The complexity of the motif should match the developmental stage of your child and, of course, be visually appealing.

Age recommendation

Have a look at the manufacturer's age recommendations and compare them with your assessment of your child's abilities.

Quality jigsaw puzzles and XXL puzzles – Discover the versatile Noris range

Noris offers you a colourful selection of puzzles for children, which are characterised by appealing motifs, many details and first-class quality. In our assortment, you can discover these children's puzzles, among others:

XXL Puzzle – Dinosaur

The XXL Dinosaur puzzle takes your child into the primeval world of the dinosaurs. 45 large pieces that are easy for children's hands to grasp come together to form a cheerful overall picture with animal main attractions.

XXL Puzzle – On Patrol with the Police

The XXL Jigsaw Puzzle On Patrol shows a friendly scene with law enforcement officers cavorting in front of an ice cream parlour. This children's puzzle for kids from the age of three also consists of 45 large pieces – ideal for puzzle beginners!

XXL Puzzle – Holiday on the Pony Farm

Do neighing and hoof beats make your child's heart beat faster? Then the XXL Puzzle Holiday on the Pony Farm is the right thing for you! Part by part, this product creates a beautiful picture with cute ponies and little riders.

Jigsaw puzzle tips - this is how it works!

So that you can start the puzzle fun right away, we would like to give you a few practical tips. The basic rule is: create enough space to spread out the pieces and sort them neatly by colour or shape. This way you can keep track of everything and no piece will get lost.

It is often advisable to start with the edge when doing the puzzle. The pieces of the border are easy to recognise by their straight side and thus enable an uncomplicated start into the game. For orientation, you can place the package depicting the motif in front of you. This way, you know exactly where the journey is going from the very beginning.

Conclusion: Puzzles - Sought, found, pleased

Searching for pieces, successfully finding them and finally holding the finished work in your hands: Jigsaw puzzles are accompanied by numerous small feelings of success and give children a lot of pleasure. At the same time, they promote important skills such as concentration and independence. The Noris range includes a colourful variety of high-quality jigsaw puzzles for children, which have a convincing look and feel and inspire with beautiful motifs.

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