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Thrills guaranteed! Get involved in lightning-fast fun with action and reaction games and test your reaction speed. All information about our reaction and action games for children can be found by clicking here.


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Deluxe Tip Tower


Deluxe Tip Tower



"Keep calm" is the word! The aim of this game of skill, popular for generations, is to pull the wooden blocks out of the stack of wood and put them back on top of the stack. A good eye for balance and statics and a steady hand will bring every skilled hobby builder to a deserved victory. A guaranteed action game fun for the whole family.

Hot Wire

Children’s games

Hot Wire



Watch out, the wire is hot!! In this game of skill you have to try to guide a stick along the wire without touching it. As soon as the wire is touched, a signal tone is heard and the game must be started again. Suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Kugelblitz Tornado

Family games

Kugelblitz Tornado



Who can beat the black 8 and the other players? In the action-packed marble game “Kugelblitz Tornado”, the players must wait for the right moment to reach the finish before the large black marble. Each player sits in front of  one of the four arms and receives a coloured marble, which is held in place with a button. One of the players then takes the black marble and throws it into the red tornado. The marble may spin in circles or drop quickly through the funnel – it depends on how you throw it! Wait for the right moment before the black marble reaches the bottom of the funnel, and then release your coloured marble! Your marble must reach the finish before the black marble, but not too early, otherwise you will not receive any points. If your marble reaches the finish after the black marble, you will receive minus points. The first player to collect 10 points wins the game. The action-packed marble game “Kugelblitz Tornado” is designed for 2-4 players aged 6 and above.

Pool Billard & Snooker

Activity & reaction games

Pool Billard & Snooker



Just like real billiards: Whoever pockets the black ball at the wrong time loses the game. The set includes 2 cues, 16 billiard and 17 snooker balls and a triangle. The billiard measures 31x18x7cm. Suitable for children from 4 years.

Hoppy-Bobby Action Game

- 27 %

Children’s games

Hoppy-Bobby Action Game



Bears love honey, but the bees want to defend their hive. You win the game as long as the bear stays in the beehive and continues to enjoy its honey. Because the bear jumps out if you put the bee in the wrong slot. Suitable for children from 3 years.

Hungry Frogs

Children’s games

Hungry Frogs



Which frog can snatch the most balls from the middle of the pond? The frogs jump forwards when you press a lever. Each player attempts to snatch as many balls as possible with their frog. The player who has caught the most balls at the end of the game wins the eating contest. Designed for 2-4 players ages 4 and up.

Soccer Arena

Activity & reaction games

Soccer Arena



In the Noris football arena 2 players with 6 pawns each can play against each other. The field players are fixed to the ground with a spring. By stretching the figure in the right direction and with the right strength, the ball can be passed or shot directly at the goal. To repel goal shots, the goalkeeper is moved from the outside with a lever. The stadium has a goal display and a size of 55x41x8cm. The set includes the Games & More Football Arena with 12 players and 3 balls. Suitable for children from 4 years.

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Pure adrenaline: the exciting action & reaction games from Noris

When action and reaction games from Noris are played, thrills are the order of the day! It's all about clever combinations, maximum concentration and lightning-fast reactions. Anyone for whom the excitement of playing can't be big enough will make the right choice with a reaction and action game.

What are action & reaction games?

Action and reaction games are games that put reaction speed and attention to the test. In one way or another, the game content always aims to reward the player with the quickest hand and the best perceptive ability with victory – adrenaline rush included!

What is the added value of action & reaction games?

The special games are products with a great developmental effect. In detail, your child will benefit from our action and reaction games for children in these development areas:

Promotion of cognition

Since the games focus on speed, they encourage quick thinking. They address the ability to combine quickly and not infrequently also logic.

Language promotion

Many of the games involve language components, for example certain words and phrases that have to be said at the right moment. In addition, when playing with family and friends, they naturally chat and discuss. This improves your child's language skills.

Promoting the ability to make decisions

Can you keep a cool head and make the right decision quickly? Action and quick games train decision-making skills, an important competence that we benefit from every day.

Promoting social interaction

When playing together, the focus is on social interaction. There is a lively exchange between the players so that your child can practise interpersonal interaction.

Promoting attention

If you don't pay attention, you lose. Accordingly, playing the reaction and action games effectively promotes attention and concentration.

Promoting reaction speed

As already described, quick reactions lead to victory in these games. Consequently, the reaction speed is also expanded in a playful way.

Promoting fine motor skills

Some fast games also require some fine motor skills. Your child learns to coordinate small movements precisely and to execute simple sequences of movements faster and more accurately.

Promotion of hand-eye coordination

How well can your child match what he does with his hands with what he perceives through his eyes? Hand-eye coordination, which plays a central role in learning to write, for example, is another skill that is improved when playing action and reaction games.

From what age are quick games & reaction games suitable for children?

This depends largely on the game content and the developmental stage of the individual child. Some reaction and action games are suitable for children as young as three, others are more suitable for preschoolers or children as old as eight. The rule is: the more complex the rules and the more demanding the game content, the older the child must be to be able to master the game.

To find out which age groups a game is intended for, you can look at the manufacturer's age recommendation. Furthermore, you should assess the developmental stage of your child yourself and decide based on this which games he or she can already handle.

What should you look for when buying action & reaction games?

To help you decide on a suitable action and reaction game for children, we will now have a closer look at the most important buying criteria:

Difficulty level and game variant(s)

The difficulty level of a game should depend on the youngest player so that he or she is not overtaxed. But beware: if the quick game is clearly too easy, it may become boring after a short time. This can be remedied by different game variants that bring more variety into the game and ensure that a product remains interesting for as long as possible.

Number of players, playing time and set-up time

Before buying, think about how many players the game is intended for, how long a round can last and how much time you can take to set it up. With this rough information in mind, you can directly exclude some products and shortlist others.


Don't forget to have a look at the scope of delivery of the products. Here you can find out which accessories are included and which parts have to be purchased elsewhere.


Look for appropriate quality and stable, durable materials. After all, you want to be able to play reaction and action games for as long as possible.

Discover the Noris action & reaction games

Ready to dive into the world of Noris action & reaction games? Experience how diverse the fun of playing can be and let yourself be inspired by the numerous first-class products. We don't want to deprive you of a small insight into our large assortment here:

Kugelblitz Tornado

Can you catch the perfect moment in the middle of a roaring tornado? Kugelblitz Tornado (literal translation: ball lightning tornado) has a spectacular, four-armed structure and crowns the player with the best timing as the winner. The player who manages to send his or her ball off at the ideal time secures the most points and gets a big step closer to victory.

Hot Wire

In Hot Wire you can put your fine motor skills to the test. Players have the task of guiding a rod along a creatively shaped wire without touching the wire. A steady hand pays off!

Ding Dong Donut

Reveal the cards, combine, strike: Ding Dong Donut is a fast-paced game for kids with a sweet tooth from the age of five. The cards, which are turned over one after the other, show different coloured donut halves. The player who discovers two matching halves and rings the bell first gets to keep the respective cards. The winner is the player who has claimed the most cards by the end.

Conclusion: Fast games for quick thinkers: Great fun with action and reaction

Action and reaction games for children bring variety to the table and enable the playful development of numerous important skills. At Noris, you will find a colourful selection of quick games that are absolutely convincing in terms of quality, environmental friendliness, durability, and originality of the game ideas. Choose reaction and action games from Noris and get ready for adrenaline-filled fun with the whole family.

Haven't found anything suitable yet? No problem! Take a look around our homepage and browse through numerous great products, for example from the categories educational games, puzzles and classic games.