Escape Room

The clock is ticking. The adrenalin is pumping. You have just one hour to complete the tasks and enter the correct answers in the Chrono Decoder. If you want to leave the room in time, teamwork is essential!

‘Escape Room - The Game’ follows the global trend in live games and brings the successful concept to your living room. Together, players attempt to master the adventure and solve the problems that stand in their way. Whether it’s breaking out of prison, finding an antidote to a deadly virus, defusing a bomb or stealing treasure from the temple of the Aztecs, every adventure is a guarantee of an hour that will not be quickly forgotten.

The heart of the game is the Chrono Decoder. It knows all the answers, and plays against you without mercy. You can only move on to the next task if you enter the right code. Enter the wrong code, and the team will lose a minute of precious time.

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