At the famous Shakespeare Festival at the London Globe, the lead actor of Hamlet, Calvin Redgrave, has disappeared without a trace - hours before the most important performance of the year! What has happened? Who is involved? And most importantly, where is Calvin?

In Crime Story, you'll work together as police officers or commissioners to solve a tricky criminal case by following clues and questioning witnesses. Each of these "actions" will cost you valuable minutes on the timeline, and you'll have limited time to combine them correctly and figure out exactly what happened. Think carefully about what you do next! The maps will guide you through the game and hints will always give you assistance after certain intervals.
Crime Story doesn't need a long set of rules - in a few sentences the game is explained and you can start playing right away!

The cooperative card game "Crime Story London" is suitable for 1-6 players* aged 12+. The case lasts 60+ minutes.


Author: Peter Prinz

Crime Story - London

  • Article number: 606201970
  • Age recommendation: from 12 years, Players: 1 - 6
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