Escape Room Duo – the thrilling game returns with two brand-new horror adventures and a Bloody Mary tutorial with a folding mechanism! In "House by the Lake" you must free yourself from the clutches of a strange family, while in "The Little Girl" you search for your kidnapped friend in a forest. Both adventures feature an innovative folding mechanism: When a correct code is entered, the game board unfolds and the players receive more information and components to solve the next part of the adventure!
The adventures are particularly suitable for two players, but can also be completed with several players. Escape Room Duo Horror can be played with the Escape Room app or the Chrono Decoder from “Escape Room” or Escape Room 2”.

For 2-3 players aged 16 and above. Each adventure lasts approximately 60 minutes. The tutorial takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Escape Room 2 Players Horror

  • Article number: 606101894
  • Age recommendation: from 16 years, Players: 2 - 3
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