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Is luck on your side? Experience the pure joy of playing with the high-quality dice games from Noris! If you want to know what distinguishes our dice games and what you should look out for when buying them, you can read on here.


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Children’s games




It’s a race against time to catch the fish! "Würfelfisch" is an action-packed children’s game based on marine creatures. Who will be the quickest to throw the same animal with all their dice? To begin with, each player receives a dice cup and three dice. All dice are the same: each side has an image of a boxfish, starfish, crab, seahorse, octopus or a submarine. Each player places their three dice in front of them with the submarine side facing up. Another dice is then rolled and placed in the middle of the table (e.g. with the seahorse facing up). All the players must now countdown together: "3...2...1... dive!" Each player then tries to roll the animal from the middle of the table, but may only roll one dice at once in their cup. The first player to roll the animal with all their dice must shout "Surface!", after which the other players must stop rolling their dice. The winner of the round then takes the dice from the middle of the table and places it together with their other dice. Players who still have dice with the submarine facing up must discard one of their dice. The first player to obtain five/six dice is the winner. "Würfelfisch" is a family and children’s fame for 2-5 players aged 5 and above. It takes approximately 15 minutes to play and was designed by Christoph Cantzler.   Author: Christoph Cantzler

100 Dice- and Tossgames

Dice games

100 Dice- and Tossgames



A must for all dice and puzzle fans! "100 Dice and Puzzle Games" is a rich collection of popular dice and puzzle games like Yatzy or Knubbel. The game also includes a dice cup. A great collection for big and small!

Yatzy - Playbook


Yatzy - Playbook



Yatzy Maxi Playbook


Yatzy Maxi Playbook


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Roll your dice

Do you have a lucky hand? With dice games, you can find out! Dive into the world of Noris games with dice and get to know dice games for children and adults that will immediately captivate you. The motto is: Get to the dice, get set, go!

What distinguishes a dice game?

Unlike many other game genres, a knowledge advantage in a dice game does not help you win. The course of the game is based purely on the principle of chance. This means that every player – regardless of age – has the same chances of winning.

What types of dice games are there?

Dice games come in a large variety, so there really is something for everyone. In detail, we can distinguish these types of games with dice:

Target group: for two, for children, for groups

The number of players and the age group addressed alone represent a way of distinguishing dice games. Some products are explicitly aimed at children, others are specifically for adults. There are also solo games, games for two or more players, and those that are played in groups or teams.

Dice games with cup

In some dice games, the dice are rolled face down in a cup. In this case, it is usually important for the game principle that the opponents cannot see the fallen numbers immediately.

Dice games with playing field

There are dice games that are played on a playing field. In these games, you often roll the dice to determine the number of steps you are allowed to take with your own playing piece on the field.

Dice games with luck

Ultimately, luck plays a role in all dice games. After all, no one can influence exactly which numbers the dice will show. Nevertheless, there are, of course, games in which the luck weighs more heavily than in others.

What advantages do dice games have?

Dice games for children are characterised by the advantages described below:

Promoting concentration

In almost every game – including dice games – your child has to concentrate to have a chance of winning. Even playing elementary dice games has a positive effect on concentration and attention span.

Promoting numeracy

Dice games also promote numeracy and numeracy skills. Logical, after all, the eyes have to be counted and, if necessary, added up.

Promotion of the power of combination

And many games of this kind also focus on the ability to combine. Your child learns to “put one and one together”, to quickly recognise connections and to perceive recurring patterns.

Promotion of the skill

Games that involve challenges for dexterity naturally also encourage your child on this level. In addition, these games are often particularly varied and offer unforeseen twists and turns during the game.

Developing an understanding of rules

Every dice game is based on a certain set of rules. When playing, your child is therefore practising understanding and following simple rules.

Suitable for everyday use and flexible

Most of the games with dice can be set up in no time at all and have a handy format. This makes the products particularly suitable for everyday use. They can be transported with little effort and can therefore be used absolutely flexibly. All you need to play is a reasonably flat surface on which to throw the dice.

From what age are dice games suitable?

Dice games for children are already available for the youngest children. For toddlers who are not yet confident with numbers, games with coloured or shaped dice are particularly suitable. It is necessary to supervise children of this age when playing with dice. After all, small dice can be swallowed under certain circumstances.

The older your child is, the higher the difficulty level of the game may be. Pre-school children can practise counting with simple dice games, while primary school children can already cope with more challenging games that have a fairly extensive set of rules. Surely, there are also dice games for adults. With a little support, these can possibly also be played by older children.

Basically, it is advisable to choose a dice game that is ideally suited to your child's current stage of development. Why? It's simple: a game that is too tricky causes excessive demands and frustration, a game that is too simple usually becomes boring quickly.

What should you look for when buying dice games?

We have summarised some of the most important buying criteria for you so that you can find a dice game that optimally fulfils your ideas and the wishes of your child:

Number of players, duration, and set-up time

Before you buy, think about how many players you want to play with, how long the game may take to set up and what playing time suits the concentration of the youngest player. With this information in mind, you can quickly narrow down the selection.


Don't forget to have a close look at the scope of delivery of your favourite. This will tell you which parts are included and which accessories have to be bought separately.

Age recommendation

Pay attention to the manufacturer's age recommendation and compare it with your own assessment of your child's developmental stage. Be sure to choose a game with age-appropriate dice, i.e. dice with numbers for older children and colour or motif dice for toddlers.

Games with dice: fun entertainment on the move too

As already mentioned, dice games are generally small products that fit in any bag, are quick to set up and almost quicker to explain. The games are therefore the ideal travel companions and provide fun entertainment on the go.

Discover the Noris dice games

If you're looking for a high-quality, original dice game for children and adults that will excite you round after round, Noris is the right place for you! Our durable products are waiting to make your acquaintance in these subcategories:

Dice games

The dice games from Noris have everything you need to roll the dice straight away. For example, go to the underwater world with the game Würfelfisch (literal translation: Dice Fish). The cheeky game is suitable for children from five years and takes up to five players on a colourful adventure under the surface of the water.


Check out our Yahtzee games! The Yahtzee maxi game block, for example, allows you to play many varied game options – boredom is completely out of the question! Document the results of all the players in a clear list, and achieve combinations that give you the most points by cleverly rolling the dice.

Conclusion: Simply find joy in numbers and arithmetic with dice games

Dice games from Noris open up a big, colourful world of fun and excitement. Choose one of our environmentally friendly games with dice and encourage your child in a variety of areas, especially in the ability to concentrate and the understanding of numbers. Because one thing is clear: learning to count and calculate is fun with a dice game!

Curious about what else Noris has to offer? Take a look around our homepage and let yourself be inspired by classic games, board games, detective games and many other products!