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Bella Italia - the camping game

- 22 %

Card games

Bella Italia - the camping game



Featuring easy rules and a compact travel-friendly design, “Bella Italia” is the ultimate card game for camping fans. To be crowned as camping champion, you must navigate tricky camping scenarios and try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. Designed for 2 to 6 players aged 8 and above, “Bella Italia” is guaranteed to take you on an exciting camping-themed adventure!

Kleine Fische

- 22 %

Children’s games

Kleine Fische



  Author: Peter Neugebauer

Noris card game bundle

Bundle - 26 %

Card games

Noris card game bundle



Product bundle consisting of: Bella Italia - the camping game / Reverse Cardgame / Pandemie Poker   Article number: 606262070 Product: Bella Italia - the camping game Featuring easy rules and a compact travel-friendly design, “Bella Italia” is the ultimate card game for camping fans. To be crowned as camping champion, you must navigate tricky camping scenarios and try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. Designed for 2 to 6 players aged 8 and above, “Bella Italia” is guaranteed to take you on an exciting camping-themed adventure! Article number: 606264524 Product: Reverse Cardgame Put your thinking skills to the test in this action-packed game! The funny and creative card game “Gegenteil-Spiel” is perfect for family evenings or parties. It requires you to think outside the box and find the opposite answer. In each round, one of the categories (question, action, reverse, word pairs, colour chaos, or flip) is chosen at random. The person whose turn it is reads one of the corresponding task cards, and the other players must try to find the solution as quickly as possible. However,  in this game the aim is to find the opposite answer! For example, instead of answering “yes”, you should answer “no”. Instead of raising your hand you should lower it, and words which are read backwards must be named correctly (i.e. read forwards). The first person to lose their 20 points by giving correct answers wins the game! The entertaining brain-teasing game “Gegenteil-Spiel” is designed for 3-6 players aged 10 and above, and is guaranteed to keep you smiling! One round of the action-packed game takes approximately 20 minutes. Article number: 606264517 Product: Pandemie Poker Stay safe and keep your distance! When playing the humorous yet educational card game "Pandemie Poker", you try to protect yourself from a contagious virus. A face covering or disinfectant will come in hand – and don’t forget to buy a few rolls of toilet paper! Of course, social distancing is a must: the cards have different numbers and can only be placed on the discard pile if there is a sufficient gap between the numbers. Each card has an additional function that can create an advantage or disadvantage for you or your fellow players. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner. This game is designed for 2-6 players aged 8 and above and takes 15 minutes to play.

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Card games – say goodbye to boredom

Quickly explained, extremely exciting and surprisingly versatile: it certainly has a reason that card games are among the best-known and most-played games of all. Noris has a wide range of varied card games for children that reliably banish boredom.

What is a card game?

The card game genre enjoys great popularity worldwide and has spawned numerous hit games that are still popular today. In principle, a card game is simply a game based on playing cards. Some products are also based on a playing field or include dice, but the majority rely entirely on cards.

Card games are fun for rainy days at home or on the road

What is the secret of success of card games for children? The appeal of the games is certainly due to their flexibility of use. Most games of this kind are comparatively handy and can be taken along on trips to save space. In addition, most of them are easy to explain, can be set up quickly and do not require plenty of accessories. Direct access to the game is guaranteed!

From what age are card games suitable for children?

Thanks to the large selection of games with cards, there is the perfect product for almost every age. Even the youngest children can be introduced to simple card games without numbers from the age of about three. Games for three and four-year-olds often contain catchy (animal) motifs and colours, are limited to a few rules and are particularly entertaining. For support, toddlers can use a cardholder when playing, if necessary.

For preschool children, more elaborate card games with clear rules and a maximum playing time of 30 minutes are suitable. Ideal games include knowledge games that prepare children for school with arithmetic and language components.

Children of primary school age enjoy card games that require strategic and logical thinking. They can understand more complex rules and can concentrate over several rounds of play. Card games that are played in teams and thus specifically promote social skills are also interesting at this age.

Really elaborate, comparatively complicated games, where a game can easily take an hour, are primarily aimed at children from the age of nine. In terms of content, games for children of this age may cover all areas of ability – from reaction speed, social skills and concentration to dexterity and logic.

What do card games bring to the table?

They are considered a meaningful activity and promise lots of fun – but what else do card games for children have to offer? You should pay attention to the following advantages:

Language promotion

Many of the games work with certain linguistic elements, such as words and sentences that have to be said at the right moment. These products promote your child's language skills in a playful way.

Promoting social interaction

Only a few card games are solo games. The majority of card games are played in pairs or with several players. This means that the game involves all kinds of interpersonal interaction, from which your child naturally benefits.

Promotion of emotion processing

Is your child thrilled about a victory, bitterly disappointed about a defeat, or can hardly bear the tension before the final move? Dealing with one's own emotional world is very beneficial for child development.

Promoting concentration and reaction time

To win a card game, your child has to be on its toes. They have to concentrate hard and, depending on the game, react as fast as lightning. Accordingly, playing has a positive effect on concentration and reaction speed.

Promoting literacy and numeracy

Reading and arithmetic are two areas of competence that become an issue when a child starts school at the latest. Therefore, there are wonderful card games that feature linguistic and arithmetic elements – for a successful interplay of fun and learning.

Promotion of general knowledge

Card games with a quiz character can raise your child's general knowledge to the next level. By picking up and repeating knowledgeable content as part of the game, your child acquires facts and background knowledge without having to sit down specifically to learn.

Suitable for everyday use and flexible

A big plus of the card games is their suitability for everyday use. Due to their small size, they fit into any pocket and can be taken along and used at will.

Developing an understanding of rules

Every game comes with one or two rules. Card games for children are no exception. Your child can learn to understand and follow rules and get used to following a set of rules in a playful way.

What should you look for when buying card games?

To ensure that the card game you choose fits your ideas and wishes as well as possible, you should consider these aspects when buying:

Number of players, duration and set-up time

An important consideration: How many players should play, how long can a round last, and is a more elaborate set-up conceivable for you?


Find out about any accessories available for your favourite game. Furthermore, look at the scope of delivery as “extras” are not necessarily included.

Age recommendation

What age group is the game intended for? This is what the age recommendation of the manufacturer tells you. Keep in mind that some card games can also be mastered by younger kids with the support of an adult.

Simple, clear set of rules

The best card games are characterised by a simple, clearly understandable set of rules. Here, too, you should consider the age of your child. The older the child, the more complex the rules can be.

Themes suitable for children

Of course, the content of the game should be appropriate for children. In other words, all the themes of the game should be appropriate for the age of your child.

Discover the diverse card games from Noris

The Noris range in the card games category includes all kinds of high-quality and durable games that stand out from the crowd with refreshing game ideas. In the following, we will briefly go into selected Noris card games:

Ding Dong Donut

Ding Dong Donut is a fast-paced card game where players try to spot the matching donut halves on their cards and ring the bell as quickly as possible. It's a colourful, fun game for kids aged five and up. Are you fast enough to collect the most cards?

Small fish

Lots and lots of small fish! This entertaining game for the whole family is all about fishing. Speed paired with a little luck will help you to win – but watch out that the fish don't get away again!

Conclusion: Card games: Learning and laughing together through play

Whether to break up a long drive, on holiday or at a games evening: a good card game is a must. Noris offers you a gigantic selection of high-quality, original and popular card games with detailed, cheerful designs. We are happy to let you look at our cards: The majority of our games are manufactured in Germany in an environmentally conscious manner and undergo an external quality inspection that guarantees first-class quality. So you get a card game with which you don't have to make any compromises in terms of durability, sustainability and high quality.

Looking for more game inspiration? Then have a look at our homepage and get to know a wide variety of games, including puzzles, classic games and educational games.