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One board, many smiling faces: board games for the family promise shared fun full of variety and adventure! Discover what makes our board games stand out and find out more about the promotional effect of games for children by reading on here.


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Family quiz game

Family games

Family quiz game



Family quiz game 792 exciting questions with 4 multiple choice answers in 6 categories of knowledge. The two levels of difficulty enables the family to play with different age groups. Become the new Family Quiz King with a bit luck with the dice, tactical use of joker cards and knowledge.

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Board games for the whole family

A bit of space, a few players and a board game from Noris: that's all you need for the perfect game night. Our versatile board games offer fun activities for the whole family and ensure hours of fun and games together.

What is a board game?

A board game is – as the name clearly indicates – a game that is played on a board. The board is the playing field that provides the framework for the game and on which, for example, the playing pieces are moved, cards are placed, or other game elements are set up.

What advantages do board games have?

To give you an overview of the reasons why children should play board games, we will go into the central benefits that the popular products provide:

Tradition and cultural heritage

Board games are part of everyday life for many children and adults in a wide variety of cultures all over the world. Their history goes back several millennia, which makes them particularly traditional games. What this means for you is that you can bring a large piece of cultural heritage closer to your child thanks to board games.


The beauty of board games is their suitability for people of different age groups. For the most part, the games are fun for kids as well as young people and adults. With them, you can easily inspire children, grandchildren, older siblings and other relatives to play together, regardless of age.

Useful and inexpensive pastime

A high-quality board game will last for many years, even decades, if treated with care. So you can say with a clear conscience that it is an inexpensive and sustainable pastime that always offers the opportunity for meaningful communal activity.

Alternation of digital media

There's no question about it: phones, TVs and computers are part of most kids' everyday lives today. This makes it increasingly important for parents to create a certain balance. This is where board games for the family come into play: with these fun products, you can offer your child a well-deserved media-break.

Promoting cognition and concentration

Most board games appeal to your child on a cognitive level and sometimes encourage logical thinking. In addition, they demand their full attention, which trains their ability to concentrate.

Promoting social interaction

Playing together is associated with chatting, laughing, discussing and exchanging. In this way, your child can practice social interaction in a playful setting.

Promotion of emotion processing

Eventually, your child will be confronted with certain emotions during the game. After all, a defeat can cause anger, bad luck in the game can lead to frustration and a clear victory makes one proud. In this way, your child comes into contact with its emotional world under child-friendly conditions and can deal with different emotions at their own pace.

Developing an understanding of rules

Every board game requires its players to abide by one or two rules. In doing so, your child can improve their understanding of rules and get used to accepting and adhering to simple rules in a playful way.

What should you look for when buying board games?

You are not yet sure which board game suits your family best? We give you some tips to help you decide:

Number of players, playing time and set-up time

The number of players, the duration of the game and the scope of the structure are key characteristics that you should definitely find out about. This is how you find out whether the framework conditions of a game fit your ideas.


Are there accessories for your favourite board game for children? If so, you should check whether they are included in the scope of delivery.

Age recommendation

Additionally, pay attention to the age recommendation, which you will usually find in the product description. If your child is accompanied and supported by older siblings or an adult, they may be able to play a game, even if they are actually a little too young for it. Of course, this only applies if the game content is age-appropriate.

Get to know the diverse range of board games from Noris

If you're looking for an original board game with educational content, Noris is the place for you! With our creative board games, we aim to bring families together and provide them with funny, memorable experiences. Our products are characterised by excellent quality, playful, detailed designs and environmentally conscious production using recycled materials. To give you a first impression of the Noris board games for children, we present one of our top products in more detail below:

Great Family Quiz

With two difficulty levels, six knowledge areas and almost 800 multiple-choice questions, The Great Family Quiz invites you to compete with your family. In addition to your own knowledge, cleverly used joker cards and a lucky hand at the dice contribute to victory in this diverse, varied board game for the whole family.

Conclusion: Board games: Live together, play together!

They strengthen the sense of community, support your child in important areas of development and promise many hours of fun: Board games for the family should not be missing from any game collection! The Noris range includes all kinds of board games for children that stand out from the crowd thanks to their top quality, environmentally friendly production, particularly original content and cheerful design. In this way, our game hits set the course for boundless fun for the entire family.

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