Here come the ghosts! In the reaction game "Pick A Boo", the players must think quickly and use their ghosts to scare the people in the correct room. The ghosts are intent on making mischief: they are just waiting for a task card to tell them who to scare next!

Each card depicts a person, a night ghost with star-shaped eyes or a day ghost with round eyes, and a colour. The correct ghost must be placed on the piece with the corresponding colour and in the room with the matching person. But beware: the night ghost with the star-shaped eyes is not allowed to scare people in bright rooms! The first player to place their figure in the correct room receives the card. The player who collects the most cards is the winner.

Designed by TREO Game Designers for 2-4 players aged 5 and above, "Pick a Boo" is a fast-packed , ghost-themed game with shapes and colours.


Author: TREO Game Designers

Pick A Boo

  • Article number: 606061903
  • Age recommendation: from 5 years, Players: 2 - 4
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