Catch the monkeys! "Catch the Monkey" is a fast-paced action game. Each player takes a card and places it in the palm of their hand. The cards depict monkeys in different colours and poses, which can be found on the dice. When the dice are rolled, time is of the essence. Note the pose and colour of the monkey and see if it is depicted on the cards of your fellow players! If you have found the matching monkey, place your hand on the card as quickly as possible before the other players take it away! The player who collects the most cards is the winner.

For 2-4 players from 5 years of age.


Author: Martin Nedergaard Andersen

  • 4 swatters,
  • 3 dice,
  • 36 cards

Catch the Monkey

  • Article number: 606061881
  • Age recommendation: from 5 years, Players: 2 - 4
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