Guidelines for Authors

Have you invented a game which you would like to present to a publisher? Then you've come to the right place. We would like to give you a few tips to note when designing your game.

Contact us!

Please use the Author contact form to submit the idea for your game to us.   We would recommend that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Initially a short description of the game, rules for play and ideally a photo of the prototype are adequate. In most cases this enables us to see immediately whether the game might fit into our range. Please do not send us a prototype unless asked to provide one.
  • Consider which of your ideas for a game might best fit our portfolio - the best way to do this is to browse our games. Please restrict yourself to 1-3 ideas. Games that we publish should be distinctive and innovative. We are not interested in new variations of "Ludo" or "Uno".
  • We recommend testing your idea several times before submitting it to us. Encourage other people to test your game too, as this can provide you with useful feedback. Don't be afraid of changing your idea or testing out different rules - it might make the new product even better!

And then?

  • Once you have sent us the instructions we will consider your idea carefully. You can normally expect an answer within one month, in most cases earlier. If we need a little longer, don't hesitate to enquire!
  • At this stage of submitting your idea, the instructions are key: They must be easy to understand and clearly convey the essence of the game.
  • Always write your name, address, telephone number and email address in the instructions.
  • Don't be disappointed if we reject your idea - every year we publish only a handful of games which we select from hundreds. It may well be that other publishers are interested in a game that we might reject.
  • Please understand that we are not able to give detailed reasons for the rejection - with the majority of games we simply do not have the time to do so.

Request for a prototype

  • If we are interested in your game we will request a prototype from you.
  • Of course it's fine to submit your ideas to several publishers - but when you submit the prototype, it's only fair to let us know that other publishers are also working on it. 
  • The appearance of the prototype is irrelevant – we must be able to play it. The easier it is for the editors to engage with a game, the better.
  • Please ensure that you also write your name, address, telephone number and email address on the box.
  • We need several weeks to test a prototype thoroughly. However we will always let you know if we have new information for you.
  • If we decide against your game, we will of course return your prototype.

The finished game

  • Should we decide to publish your game, you will receive a contract from us.
  • Don't be surprised - most games on the market are not in the form envisaged in the prototype. The task of the editors is to develop the game to market maturity, which often means making adjustments and changing things. At the end of the day, the publisher has to be happy with the product too. We always try to introduce these changes with the agreement of and in cooperation with the author.
  • Your name will of course appear on the box and instructions.

What we are looking for

  • For the children's market, we are looking for exciting, quick and simple children's games. We aren't really looking for educational games. In terms of our range of wooden games, we work with high quality components, a policy we intend to continue.
  • For the family market we are looking for games with "classic flair" that are easy to understand whilst at the same time being interesting to play. The game shouldn't take too long (max. 45-60 minutes) and should have novel ideas or give a new twist to existing ideas.
  • We're not currently interested in pure card games.
  • Nor are we currently interested in party games, quiz games, complex games or role-playing games.

Questions? Just ask!

Should you still have any questions, please use the Author contact form.


We look forward to receiving your idea!
Noris-Spiele Games Editors

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